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    The World of Kanji Reprint von Adler, Alex

    The World Of Kanji is a book that offers a logical, well-founded and entertaining solution to the problem of learning a large number of kanji. With this book you can learn the 2136 Chinese characters you need in order to read and write Japanese in an orderly and cohesive manner, through thematic stories based on the real etymology of the characters that will help you reduce the time and effort required for the memorization of individual characters. The World of Kanji is suitable for both the new student of Japanese and the intermediate student who still struggles with kanji, and it's also excellent for anyone who is curious about the origin of Chinese characters and the correlations that exist between them. Explore the Human, Natural, Material and Territorial realms while you acquire the knowledge necessary to understand Japanese kanji.

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    Artikelnummer: 978-84-09-00421-8
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