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    Gender: A Graphic Guide von Barker, Meg-John

    An exciting new exploration of gender from the creators of the groundbreaking Queer: A Graphic History'It's very easy to throw out terms like "essential reading" in reviews, but this comprehensive and expansive analysis lives up to those words ... As narrator Barker is conciliatory and welcoming, breaking down complex ideas into easily considered sections. Scheele's illustrations are lively, animated and engaging, taking the text to a new level of connectivity with the readership. Scheele has always had a fluid and appealing cartooning style but here their graphic characterisation and ability to encapsulate ideas and emotions in striking visual metaphor is outstanding in its application, adding relatable layers to Barker's already accessible words.'
    Fr. 19.50
    Artikelnummer: 978-1-78578-452-1
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