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    Cycle City: (City Books for Kids, Find and Seek Books) von Farrell, Alison

    When little Etta the Elephant goes to her Aunt Ellen's house, she takes a journey through bicycle-filled Cycle City, a town filled with bikes of all kinds! At the end of the day, a special surprise awaits Etta-the most amazing bicycle parade imaginable. Detail-rich illustrations in this fun seek-and-find book paint the colors of this unusual town where everyone rides some kind of bike-whether a penny-farthing, a two-wheeled unicycle, or a conference bike, everyone is on wheels! Packed with prompts and lots to see on every page, this is a sweet story for the sharpest of eyes."This colourful, absorbing hardback is full of tiny but witty intimate scenes of the animal residents of Cycle City." BookTrust

    "A captivating search-and-find for slightly younger readers: this one has a clear storyline and a plethora of speech bubbles and is populated by a vast array of anthropomorphic animals." Red Reading Hub

    "This fascinating book will enthrall children for hours - there's so much to spot and enjoy. Have you ever seen so many different bicycles?" Parents in Touch
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    Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
    Autor: Farrell, Alison
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    Artikelnummer: 978-1-4521-6334-5
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